Mother's Day Mass Enrollment

Honor your mother by enrolling her in three Masses at the Shrine for Mother's Day.

Father Check Offering Mass

Mother's Day Shrine Mass Schedule.

9:30 am: Traditional Mass in Latin
11:00 am:  Holy Mass (celebrated in Spanish)
1:00 pm:  Holy Mass (celebrated in English)

With your gift today, your mother and her intentions will be remembered during the celebration of special Masses on Mother’s Day. If you make your gift by April 22nd, you will receive the lovely Mother’s Day card below to send to Mom letting her know that you enrolled her in the mass intentions for this special day. If you would like the card mailed directly to Mom, please put her name and address in the appropriate field.

Your gift will also honor Our Blessed Mother with a rose at Her side altar in the Shrine Church. 

Mother's Day Card