Talent Needed to Advance the Mission of the Shrine.

Talent Needed to Advance the Mission of the Shrine.

Dear Friends of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe,

Blessed Lent to you and your families.

Recently I wrote to invite your participation in the matching grant offered by Dan Reinerio.  You may recall that the funds raised from this Lenten campaign will be directed to our personnel costs, so that we can hire the best people to join the Shrine staff.  Thank you for considering a gift to meet this challenge.  I am encouraged by the initial response we have received. 

Today, I write with another, related, request.

Some of you may know my talented and good brother, Christopher, who has served as the President of Catholic Answers since January 2015.  (https://www.catholic.com)  When Chris needed to hire a key staff member for his development team—and Chris has approaching 30 years of professional fundraising experience himself—he chose a thoughtful path to look for the right person.  He conducted a search among the friends and donors of his apostolate…and he found someone who has been an excellent fit for the job.

So now, I am happy to follow the lead of my younger—and smarter!—brother. Those of you reading this note are devoted to the Shrine, you know our mission, and you know good, talented and dedicated people.

I am looking for two new staffers, with professional skills and experience that would dispose them to serve the Shrine well in the fields of communications and marketing, and development and fundraising.  It may not necessarily be the case that someone is currently working in these fields, though the capacity and the desire to do so would be essential.

I do not think it necessary or even helpful at this point to attach job descriptions to this message.  I can easily provide them later or at your request.  My hope in casting this wide net (over 15,000 people for this particular message) is that you might be able to identity:

1. Someone who would be deeply aligned with the mission of the Shrine and who would consider working full time and onsite in La Crosse as a member of the staff;

2. Someone whose professional experience, talents, and interests lend themselves to the roles we seek to fill.

Or…you might be that someone!

Please be in touch with me should you have any ideas.

Gratefully in Christ,